2 for £7.50 Drinks Offer

Get 2 Drinks for £7.50 per person (only available when pre-ordered and not on the night itself)

The drinks will all be on your table when you arrive; as jugs, buckets or bottles (to share), from the list below:

  • Jug of Fosters
  • Jug of Strongbow
  • Bottle of House Wine (Red, White or Rose)
  • Any Regular Strength 1 litre Jug of Cocktail
  • Buckets of Heineken or Sol or VK (4 bottles)
  • Any 1 litre Jug of Soft Drink or Mocktail

For example; if there are 10 people in your party you will get 5 items from the list. It’s a brilliant way to get your party kick-started from the moment you arrive… no waiting around for drinks at the start of the night!


You can add this promotion to your booking by: -

  • Logging on to your account (My Account https://www.bistrolive.com/login/ )
  1. Select ‘Current bookings’
  2. Select your Party Booking
  3. Click on ‘Add Items’
  4. Click on ‘Offers’
  5. Select the relevant drinks offer and add the quantity to match the number of people in your party
  • Give us a call on 0116 262 12 12, and we can add it on to your booking for you
  • Just get in touch with “I want the 2 for £7.50 (or £9.50) per person offer”

Once you’ve added it to your booking, we will get in touch to arrange what mix of the above drinks you want to order.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE – In order to add this drinks promotion to your booking, you must order and pay for it when you pay the balance of your party.

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