How to Apply...

Our Recruitment Process

There are several stages to our recruitment process.


Stage 1 - Open Day

Open days are held on a regular basis and at least once a month.

To start off your application process, have a look at the open day tab to see if there's a suitable date to come along and meet us.


Stage 2 - Basic Training

Basic training is designed with the next stage in mind...that is to equip you with enough knowledge and understanding of the job to be able to complete your 'working interview'.


Stage 3 - Working Interview

This is where you will work your first shift, but don't worry, you'll have plenty of help.

We'll 'buddy' you up with an experienced senior member of staff, who will 'show you the ropes' and ensure that you are completely comfortable in your new role.

At the end of your working interview, you will know if the job is for you, and we will know if you're right for us.


Stage 4 - In depth training and induction

You'll be given lots more training so that when you start your first 'proper' shift, you'll be completely prepared.


Welcome on board....

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