Work for us

A Great Place to Work!


Bistro Live is a large capacity restaurant that offers a relaxed 3 course dining experience

followed by live entertainment or a disco that takes our customers right through until 1am.

We are all about table service - so our party hosts:

*  wait on tables

*  take food and drinks orders

*  deliver food to the tables

*  and handle money

Our focus is to make sure that every customer that comes to Bistro Live has a brilliant and memorable night out

So, whether you're looking for a part-time job whilst you're at college or university, or you're looking for a career, Bistro Live is a great place to work.


What kind of people are we looking for....

*  The starting point is a great attitude

*  Fun and lively with a bubbly personality

*  Hard working and willing to learn

*  A team worker

*  Most of all, (whether you work in the kitchen; in the bar; or on the restaurant floor)    you will 'get' our customer service 'philosophy' - it's all about our customers



Bistro Live Ltd, registered in England no. 4106667. Registered office: 89-91 Charles St, Leicester, LE1 1FA